Chabonne colored french pointer with a straw had on that she had chewed a hold through.


Hi I’m Lucy, Chief Treat Entrepreneur

I LOVE to chew on things, especially pizzle sticks and hard yak cheese sticks. My mom and I invented the Treat Clincher so she didn’t have to hold the pizzle stick with a pair of pliers and so I didn’t choke on one (again). I also used to bury my Himalayan Yak cheese sticks in the garden or under my dad’s pile of laundry, and Mom would get pretty upset with me. With the Treat Clincher all the crumbs stay in one place. Mom’s happy, and I’m happy too. Now I get a pizzle or bully stick almost every day.




I’m Maggie,

Chief Quality Control Inspector,

I am the fiercest-looking sweetheart on the team. My jaws could probably crush a neodymium magnet. My job is to test the Treat Clincher for durability. My favorite part is that I get paid in pizzle sticks.

Large mixed breed rescue dog with large ears




Hi I'm Link, Marketing Manager, 

As the youngest pup on the team, I have gotten myself into my fair share of trouble while my mom wasn’t looking. My job is to keep track of all the things my mom can now do while I am munching on a bully stick. She never used to give me them in the house because I made such a mess, but now I watch her put away laundry or work on her computer while I sit quietly in one place with my treat.

Large white and gold mixed breed dog with two different colored eyes.




I’m Bowie, (pronounced Booie)

Chief Double Trouble Maker,

My favorite thing to do is to get Lucy on her back so I can chew on her head. Heehee.

Lucy’s mom would prefer I chew on a pizzle stick so I am officially a part of the testing team.

Golden Retriever and French Pointer playing




Hi I’m CJ, (and yes I’m named after a bar in Long Island)  

Neighborhood Brand Ambassador.

As Lucy’s most trusted friend, she shares all of her secrets with me. My job is to collect market research from all of the neighborhood dogs and pass it on to Lucy. She then lets her mom know what we all want in the Treat Clincher and other upcoming inventions.