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"The Treat Clincher is an important piece in our enrichment program."

“We feel this is a must have in our organization.” HINSDALE HUMANE SOCIETY

Happiness with your dog is the highlight of the day.

My dog knows how to treat me

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Treat Clincher keeps puppy occupied while mom is on the treadmill

Quality time for you

French pointer chewing on a bully stick using the Treat Clincher

The Treat Clincher is more about giving you some personal time.

You can be with your dog and have the freedom to take care of business at the same time.

Simply slide the clamp end onto something sturdy and tighten.


So many good places to attach the Treat Clincher

A sturdy lawn chair

Shihpoo's sharing

Tiny pup in the kitchen

A chair leg

A wooden fence post

A sofa table

A Griffon at a poolhouse cabana post

A Havanese using a sofa leg

Theo the amazing rescue dog

With my work being remote at the moment, my dog assumes that because I’m home, it’s play time, all the time. Zoom meetings can be frustrating when I’m trying to talk and she’s barking or up to no good somewhere in the house. Now I set her up with her Treat Clincher right when I’ve got a block of meetings and we’re both happy.

J. Mozden

My dog is my best friend. I want him to have the safest, coolest products.

Johnny Geiger

My puppy needed constant attention. I had a hard time even making a phone call. The Treat Clincher has been a lifesaver, giving me some much appreciated free time.

Sandra M