Quality time with your dog

  • Havanese puppy learns how to stop barking during zoom meetings

    Silicon Valley entrepreneur and first time puppy owner finds a solution to keep her Havanese quiet during zoom meetings and webinars. Bella the high energy, adorable, Havanese puppy no longer barks and whines while her owner is working.
  • Austinite’s Portuguese Waterdog is occupied for the fun and important stuff to get done

    Jose Rivera, construction executive, has an overly attentive Portuguese Waterdog named Viggo. Viggo always wants to be the center of attention. To work on restoring his 1957 GMC 100 Jose puts a bully stick in the Treat Clincher. Viggo is happy and occupied and Jose can concentrate.

    Barker fun is building lifetime dog accessories.

  • Keeping Three Clever Italian Greyhound Dogs Occupied

    A lifelong Italian Greyhound lover has many tricks up her sleeve to keep her dogs occupied while doing an online exercise class.
  • Three dog household in Austin discovers a new way to keep a luxury home neat

    Rescue dogs love their bully sticks. Homeowner loves the unique design and solid construction. And Made in Texas is a bonus.
  • Big Red Enjoys Bully Sticks In the House With No Mess

    High energy Wirehaired Pointing Griffon gets his bully sticks indoors, and the floors and carpets stay clean.
  • Rootstomp Musician Cousin Curtiss in Austin

    Austin live music changed during the Texas deep freeze of 2021.