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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the Treat Clincher?  Watch

  • Simply slide the clamp end onto a table leg, fence post, bench, or something stable and tighten the clamp HARD. Once it feels firmly in place, give the handle one more rotation. Your dog may tug and pull so make sure the device cannot move.
  • Insert the bully stick HORIZONTALLY at the base of the pyramid shaped area and lower the screw on it until it is VERY TIGHT. Pinch the stick down somewhere near the center. Try not to have the entire stick hang out on one side. Dogs don't like that.
  • The bully stick should not be able to move. Don't hesitate to reposition the stick to find a good spot to secure it. Once your dog has started chewing, use the wrench we provided to it give it another turn just to make sure it is not going to budge.
  • Do not set a bully stick vertically. It's just not safe.

Can I attach the Treat Clincher to my sliding glass door?

  • No - definitely not glass. You should only attach the Treat Clincher to a strong and stable object that will not break when your dog pulls and tugs on the treat.

What treats can fit in the Treat Clincher?

  • It will accommodate many shapes and sizes of treats. The unique staircase design creates a perfect cavity to secure round, square, and odd shapes. All sizes of bully sticks, steak bones, and yak cheese sticks, pig ears and more.

Does it work for my little dog AND my big dog?

  • YES, The Treat Clincher is designed for all size dogs, any strength chewer. No need to buy multiple devices.

Is the Treat Clincher only for home use?

  • The Treat Clincher is made to be mobile. Use it anywhere you want to keep your dog quietly occupied: at home, at the park, on vacation, while camping, at an outdoor restaurant etc.

How do I clean it?

  • Hose it down if it is outside. Soapy water can be used if it is inside.

Will the black finish scratch?

  • Both the silver and black Treat Clinchers are anodized. Anodizing is a method for changing the surface chemistry of metals and other substrates, protecting against corrosion, enhancing aesthetic qualities, and resisting scratching, making it one of the most durable surface finishes available.
  • Over time, dogs’ teeth may begin to scratch the surface. But we figure that is part of the beauty.

    Will it scratch my furniture?

    • Both sides of the clamp are fitted with rubber pads so your furniture will be protected.

    What material is the Treat Clincher made from?

    • The Treat Clincher body is anodized aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. The Allthread bars are stainless steel. The premium metal construction means the Treat Clincher will last for generations.

    How much does the Treat Clincher weigh?

    • The Limited Edition Lucy Version 2lbs 4oz.
    • The New Travel Version 1lb. 9oz.

    What is the difference between the Travel Version and the Limited Edition?

    • The Travel version is lighter and has a slightly smaller treat area.
    • The Travel version is good for backpacks, purses, and home use too.

    Why didn't you use plastic? 

    • We care about the environment. It’s estimated that an astonishing 80% of all metal ever produced is still in use today, making it far more sustainable compared to plastic. Due to the intrinsic value of metal, it’s rarely wasted once made, and with good recovery systems in place it’s possible to achieve recycling rates of 90 percent. According to the EPA, less than 8 percent of plastics were recycled.
    • Dogs are exceptional chewers and will chew off pieces from plastic parts. The consumption of plastic is very dangerous for dogs: it causes a number of problems, including mouth injuries, choking, gastrointestinal perforations, and intestinal obstructions.



    What are bully sticks and pizzle sticks made from?

    • Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, are a single-ingredient, easily-digestible chew treat made from beef muscle. Unlike other treats, bully sticks won't splinter, and can even help clean your dog's teeth.

    Are bully sticks safe?

    • Yes! Bully sticks are a 100% digestible dog chew that are made from just one ingredient, beef. Unlike many other bully sticks you might find, our sticks are baked in an oven to kill off bacteria, contain no pesticides, preservatives, or chemicals whatsoever, are produced at a human-grade facility and are USDA and FDA tested and approved.
    • Bully sticks do not have the same risk of breaking into sharp pieces - and potentially lodging in your dog’s intestines - that many other popular dog chews have, such as rawhide or antlers. When feeding your dog a bully stick, make sure he has plenty of water available. Use the Treat Clincher to make sure your dog does not try to swallow the stick or any small chunks of the bully stick.