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4 Reasons why you need a treat holder for your dogs

Regardless of breed or size, all dogs need treats. And while regular meals are the most important part of a dog's diet, treats play an equally vital role in their health and overall well-being. While many dog owners regularly use small treats that are kept in plastic bags or bowls, serving up large treats to their dog can be problematic. Treat holders are the perfect solution. Let's discuss the benefits of treats for your dogs and why you need a holder for some of them. 

There are basically two categories of treats: 

  1. The first are small tasty treats used for training. 
  2. The second are larger, longer lasting treats meant to keep a dog occupied for a long time. For example, bully sticks, dog bones, yak cheese sticks, or steak bones. 

When we talk about the need for a treat holder, it is because of this second variety of longer lasting treats.

Treats are More Than Just Snacks

Treats are an important part of your dog's life and should not be overlooked. While they provide the extra calories and nutrients that your dog needs to remain healthy, they also serve as positive reinforcement for good behavior and are essential when training a puppy. If you want to teach your dog to "come" when you call him, for example, you must give him a treat every time he does so. This will help him associate the sound of your voice with the reward of a tasty treat. Using small treats as a reward is also important when potty training a dog. By rewarding him when he performs the appropriate behavior, you will be able to train him quickly and make house breaking much easier for both of you.

Treats are also a great source of entertainment for your pet and an easy way to get their attention when they're feeling bored or frustrated. Just give your dog a piece of a treat and watch as their eyes light up with anticipation. There are many different types of treats to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your dog's tastes and preferences. You can also use the treats as a tool to build a stronger relationship with your pet whenever you give them treats that they enjoy. It's a great way to show your love and strengthen the bond you share with your furry friend. For these reasons and more, you would want to stock up on different types of treats for your dog, including chews, sticks, soft cookies, and natural rubber containers for freezing dog food and creative treats.

Why You Need A Treat Holder

Having a treat holder for large treats is a great way to keep the treats accessible to your pet while ensuring that they don't end up all over your floor. With all the options on the market, you might be thinking if treat holders are necessary or if you can just buy a separate bowl to store the treats in. However, a holder has several advantages over giving the treat to the dog directly or putting it in a bowl that make it a much more practical option. Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a treat holder for your dog.

Reason #1: Brainwork

Treat holders are designed to hold the treats in a way that encourages your dog to work for the food instead of ripping it out of the container or your hands as soon as it is available. This not only keeps them occupied for longer but also gives them an opportunity to work on their brain and learn new tricks while they are busy eating their treats. This type of enrichment is not only good for brainwork, it can be more exhausting than physical activity.

Reason #2: Safety

A treat holder helps prevent your pet from consuming too many treats at once and also eliminates the risk of them choking on pieces of food that are too big for their jaws to handle. Moreover, it stops them from grabbing treats out of your hand while you are holding them for them to eat, which can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Keeping the treats in a strong, unbreakable holder also ensures that they are out of reach of smaller animals, such as cats or young children, who might try to eat them if they got access to them.

Reason #3: Less mess

The treat holder helps reduce the mess associated with feeding your pets by keeping a treat in one place rather than dragging it around the floor of the crate or house. A treat holder will elevate a treat in a fixed position so that it does not roll around in the dirt or mess up your floors. This makes clean-up much easier and gives you more time to focus on playing or interacting with your pet without worrying about cleaning up after them. It also reduces the risk of accidents occurring due to choking on hard treats. Yak cheese sticks are a particular favorite of dogs who like to bury their treats, then dig them up and rebury them. Unless you want your yard torn up, a treat holder solves this problem.

Reason #4: Easy monitoring

The treat holder allows you to monitor your dog as they consume the treats because they won't be able to run around freely while they are still eating. This also helps you ensure that they do not eat too much and that they do not wolf down the treats too quickly. You can also easily see if your dog is already done with their treat, and you can proceed to whatever you’ve planned next.


Undoubtedly, treats are beneficial for your dog in more ways than just nutrition. And while you would want to keep giving them treats to chew on and enjoy, you might be worried about them choking on the last bit or having to clean up a huge mess afterward. With the right treat holder, you won’t need to worry about these things. You would even be encouraged to give more treats to your dog when you see them working their brain as they consume their treats. So yes, you certainly need a treat holder.

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