Good Design award winning companies that also build sustainable dog products

Good Design award winning companies that also build sustainable dog products

Pet products are a huge industry that continues to grow rapidly. In 2020 alone, the global pet care products market was worth $207.90 billion. Such market growth is due to pet owners becoming more conscious about their pets' health, as well as the environmental impact of their choices. Pet owners want the best for their beloved companions and are willing to buy premium products and services to maintain their health. Since there is so much competition, companies must find innovative ways to differentiate their products from competitors.

According to Sustainable Jungle,  an estimated 634 million dog toys make their way into the trash each year in the US. Unbelievably, the estimated number of pet dogs is approximately 80 million. That’s an unacceptable amount of disposable, cheap plastic toys filling our landfills yearly per pup.

Here are the 3 modern pet products and enrichment toys for dogs and cats in the market today. These companies build sustainable products that won’t damage our planet.

Loll Designs, BarkerFun, and BarkShop are all winners of the Good Design Award. Good Design honors both products in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.

Loll Designs Dog Bowl

The Loll Designs Dog Bowl is a thoughtfully designed pet bowl that prioritizes sustainability, functionality, and durability. 

One of the standout qualities of the Loll Designs Dog Bowl is its construction from recycled plastic with no finish or paint. This means pet owners don't have to worry about harmful flakes or chemicals leaching into their furry friend's water. Also, the dishwasher-safe feature adds convenience keeping the bowl clean and hygienic is essential for the pet's health and the owner's peace of mind. It is also designed and manufactured in the USA, providing higher quality control and ethical standards in manufacturing.

Loll has been a leader in figuring out how to play a role in a circular economy where plastics made will be recycled continuously, thus reducing waste.  During the production process they recycle more than 88 percent of their manufacturing waste and the remainder is incinerated to make electricity. Striving towards zero waste they have created recycling programs for anything that can be recycled. It's impossible not to leave an environmental footprint and they do more than most companies to mitigate it while making modern, maintenance free dog bowls and furniture.

The Bark Core Collection

The Core Collection is a thoughtfully, beautifully designed dog toy assortment that focuses on durability, functionality, and variety.

It is a 100% natural rubber wheel design. A treat-dispensing core holds your dog's undivided attention

Its designs set the bar for durability through form, assemblies, and material considerations. Vets have reviewed these, play tested by dogs across many sizes and breeds, play tested by search and rescue dogs, and tested in labs against extreme parameters of bite tests, pull tests, and cyclical chewing. Each design focuses on the dog and elevates human ergonomics at various touch points. 

BarkerFun Treat Clincher

Ranking high on this list is the BarkerFun Treat Clincher. A clever device that securely holds bully sticks, pig ears, steak bones, yak sticks and more off the ground. With the treat clincher, you no longer have to worry about your pet's dragging treats through the dirt or slobber all over your hands or carpets. It safely reduces choking risks since your dog can no longer bite and swallow huge chunks of a bone or bully stick. 

BarkerFun, is leading a path to creating a new category of dog products. It is the only multifunctional dog food and treat dispenser that can be used indoors or outside. By design it creates enrichment for the dogs while they are consuming an elevated treat. A slow feeder accessory can be used to fill with wet food and freeze. Making dogs work for their meals is a healthy way to tire them out.

The Treat Clincher is made of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel, making it exceptionally durable. It also has a leg clamp with internal rubber pads to hold the device on a fence or onto a table while eating or playing without damaging the furniture. It is unique in that it is suitable for all dog sizes and breeds. No need to purchase different sizes. From a Bichon to a Mastiff.  All will be happy.

The best part is that you can use it every day and you only have to buy one in your lifetime.

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