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The need for enrichment tools in a shelter

pit bull chewing on a bully stick in a Treat Clincher
The BarkerFun Treat Clincher is an important part of our enrichment program.
It allows us to customize the care we provide our dogs to make their stay with us as positive as possible. We feel this is a must have in our organization.
There are several reasons we like the Treat Clincher. First, by keeping the “chew item” stationary, we no longer have to wonder if there are any highly valued items hiding in the kennel. We can monitor exactly what is in the kennel and safely retrieve it when needed. Secondly, this greatly reduces the risk of our dogs choking on a splinter. We only use highly durable items in the Clincher and we can see exactly when we need to change out or remove the item. Third, the Treat Clincher allows us to provide all of our dogs enrichment opportunities even when staff and volunteers are busy doing other things. And last, but not least, the durability of the Treat Clincher is incredibly important. Having a tool that breaks when used just creates more potential danger for our dogs. The Treat Clincher’s sturdy design means we don’t need to worry about our dogs ingesting a piece of plastic from a broken unit.
Says Tom Van Winkle, CEO Hinsdale Humane Society
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